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Introducing Broker

If you have direct relationship with traders that you can refer to FTOCapital's trading platform you can enjoy great benefits of being an FTOCapital IB (Introducing Broker).

An Introducing broker will receive outstanding compensation based on the company’s trading value. Introducing Brokers can also take advantage of our 24-hour dealing room and monthly revenue of payments, while FTOCapital is responsible for the maintenance of back office systems and trading software. If you are currently an introducing broker with an existing business, referring your clients to FTOCapital will make you entitled to lucrative fees.

FTOCapital depends on IBs for a large part of the company’s trading volume, so we highly value our relationship with IBs.

Benefits of becoming an FTOCapital Introducing Broker

  1. Reliable Monthly Payments from an Industry Leader
    - FTOCapital has dedicates considerable amount of its administrative resources to make sure that you are paid on time and in full.
  2. Refer Accounts to FMtrader or Build Your Own Brand
    - You have the liberty to refer clients to FTOCapital using the company's label or take advantage of our “White Label” version of the internet trading platform.
    - IBs will be able to build their business in a way that best suits their “client base” and their goals.
  3. Advanced and Secure Online Reporting
    - With your Login, you can manage your marketing process and expected monthly IB payment.
    - Access the reporting system
    - Run reports on your clients’trading activity and monitor your profits
  4. Ease of Access to Funding Accounts
    - Make your transactions through any major credit cards, wire transfer and other payment methods.
  5. Free Training
    - Internet based training sessions for your customers as well as other various educational materials.
    - Provide you with free training to further your knowledge on how to close deals that will increase your profitability.
  6. Support from a Winning Organization
    - We have helped many businesses and individuals all over the world in becoming successful Introducing Brokers and we can do the same for you.