How does stock trading operate?

A stock is a kind of asset that gives you ownership of a company and serves as a claim on part of the company’s assets and earnings.

There are two types of stock called common and preferred. Common stock will normally give you the right to vote at meetings for shareholders and to receive dividends while preferred stock does not have voting rights although it has a higher claim on assets and earnings.

Reasons to trade stocks

The stock market is not a place for the faint of heart but if you have the courage and patience to meet it head on, trading stocks can net you significant returns, if done correctly. If you are looking to get your feet wet with stock trading, it is not a bad idea to look at some of the reasons for investing in stocks.

The potential for growth is massive

Stocks that are successful can help your money grow and even beat inflation rates.

Income through dividends

Some stocks regularly pay its owners dividends. These dividends can either be reinvested or used howas you choose.


Everyday, there are millions worth of stocks traded in the market so you can quickly buy or sell at will.

Trade stocks now

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