What is KYC and how I upload it?
Know Your Client (KYC) is a set of documents that help us know you. It consists of identifications such as passport so we can recognize our clients. Click here and find how to upload the KYC.
Why should I trade online trading?
The forex market is a considerably huge market characterized by exceptionally high liquidity. The average trading volume is over $5 trillion. The market is open constantly except for the holidays.
Are there any risks that I should be aware of?
Just like any other form of investment, Forex and CFD trading has some degree of risks involved. Click here to read the risk warning.
Should I be over a certain age before I am able to start engaging online trading?
Yes, you must be 18 years old and above in order to trade forex.
Am I only allowed to trade a limited amount?
There is no limit to how much you can trade. However, we still take your previous trading experience and financial stability into consideration on your next trade. We highly recommend you do so as well.
When are the best hours to trade?
The best hours are the hours that are most convenient to you. Different markets have different hours: EU Session/US Session/Asian Session. We at FTO trade at all times.
How do I open an FTO account?
Opening an FTO account is very easy. Simply go to this link and fill out the form.
How do I recover the username and password for my account?
Click on the “forgot password?” link on FTO’s login page or you can click on this link. You will have to enter a new password for your account.
I have used the wrong e-mail address to open an account how can I replace it?
You can call us or contact us via e-mail so you can open a new account with the correct e-mail. education center.You can call us or contact us via e-mail so you can open a new account with the correct e-mail. education center.
What is the minimum amount I should deposit before I open an account?
The minimum deposit amount is 250 USD/GBP/EUR.
What is the currency required to open an account?
The required currency for opening an account is USD, GBP or EUR.
Do I need to submit any supporting documents when opening my account?
Yes. Giving us proof of your identity and residence will enable you to start trading with us as early as possible.
Can I re-use an existing e-mail address to open another account?
Yes you can.
Which account type suits my needs?
The account types we provide depend on your financial status and capabilities. It is best to study and compare them first in order to choose the best account type for you.
How do I make a deposit?
To make a deposit, log-in to your account and click on the “Deposit Funds” button on the menu.
Can I withdraw the funds that I have deposited?
Yes. Simply log-in to your account and click on the “Withdraw Funds” button on the menu.
Are there fees whenever I deposit or withdraw funds from my account?
We do not charge fees whenever you deposit or withdraw funds.
Is there a bonus for depositing or trading?
Yes. We provide our traders with bonuses whenever they deposit or make a trade. Contact your broker for more information.
Are currency pairs fixed? Or is it possible to mix and match currencies?
It is possible to combine currencies. For more information, contact your broker.
What is the spread type used for FTO?
FTO uses the Floating Spread type.
What trading platform should I use?
We recommend using WebTrader, MetaTrader 4 or the mobile app provided here in the site.