Commodity Trading as a Profitable Investment Channel

Commodities are part of our everyday lives. Goods and products that serve as basis of manufacturing of foods comprised all forms of commodities including oil and gasoline, metals, livestock and meat, and agricultural products. These products are not only part of daily consumption but have also reached the exciting world of financial market.

Commodity trading is believed to have existed 150 years ago while some evidence points out that this activity began in Japan 1000 years ago. Up to the current days, trading commodity futures is still an essential business and a vital source of income.

Commodity trading establishes a centralized marketplace for investors where they can introduce their goods to those who wish to utilize them for consumption or manufacturing. Meanwhile in the stock market, traders can invest in commodities through futures contract, stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETF). Normally, commodity prices are affected mostly by supply and demand. But other factors such as the weather, economic and political events and the value of US dollar can also help prices to either ride or fluctuate. Without commodity trading, the standard price for a specific product would be very hard to establish.

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