CFD Trading Explained

Contract for Difference, or CFD trading in its shortened term, has gained so much attention to a number of investors around the world. With its unique and exciting features, retail traders are jumping into this type of investment where they can potentially grow their money.

A CFD may sound complex to many but in reality this is as simple as other assets in the financial market. Uniquely, investing in CFD does not give investors the right to own the asset. This type of contract only allows investors to speculate on the constant prices movements of the financial instruments they have chosen.

CFD trading is known to be a flexible type of investment. There are major advantages this contract can offer traders. First, it can be used to hedge your portfolio, i.e. you can use CFDs to offset the loss of your existing portfolio through short selling. Also, it can be traded on leverage where only a small fraction of the total trade value can be paid to open your position. Lastly, it gives you full access to the global markets as it involves speculation on prices of major assets like stocks, currencies, and commodities.

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