Bonus Program

Opening an account with the FTO platform doesn’t only entitle you to its optimum trading platform, it also entitle you to its great bonuses! That means extra capital to your trading account that can be used to enhance your profit potential. Clients can receive attractive reward features like Welcome Bonuses, one time trading credits and many more. New and current account holders can also participate in contests and earn awards from FTO. These Bonuses are limited time offers and the terms and conditions associated with any bonus reward are subject to change.

FTO Bonus Policies

Promotions offered in the platform usually last for one week unless a different timeframe is mentioned. All promotions sent via e-mail are offered under the FTO’s terms and conditions. If there should be any changes, customers will be notified on the e-mail.

By agreeing to the terms and conditions when registering with FTO, you accept and understand that these promotions are limited, and have no actual value except while in your account. Moreover, they are fully covered by the company's terms and conditions.

To learn more about FTO's rewarding bonuses and promotional offers please contact us.