About FTO Capital

Financial Trading Online (FTO Capital) is now taking the lead on assisting traders in the foreign exchange market.

Through our superior customer service led by our professional team of experts in web commerce and trading, we aim to establish global brand of service for retail users by ensuring their success and profitability.

FTO is a leading online trading broker that caters a variety of financial services and multiple assets including Forex, commodities, precious metals and stock indices and covers active promotions, bonuses and special offers available to traders.

At FTO, we are creating a reputation for success by being dedicated to serve our clients responsibly with our advanced innovations in forex tools and resources.

The Plus and Pros Traders Can Get From FTO Capital

We value every trader we work with.

We see our clients as the core of our growth and the main foundation of our company that is why we are delighted to give them this variety of advantages to make trading easy for them, derived from the term ‘forex’ itself:

F for Features. Its' trading platform and tools are notably easy to use and provides analytic assistance to help users gauge currency pair’s performance. Its software, MetaTrader4, is user friendly, intuitive and powerful enough to meet your trading needs.

O for Offers. You can trade more than just currencies in FTO.  It also offers commodities, precious metals and stock indices which show its depth of coverage and number of choices to choose from.

R for Reliability. FTO provides a comprehensive market research and up-to-date forex news combined with deep analytical reviews backed up with forex tutorials and educational videos where you can rely for decision making.

EX for Execution. It is an online broker with good trade execution practices that fill trades at the best rates and in a timely manner powered by reliable liquidity providers to ensure unmatched trading experience.

With our firm commitment to fair trading and honest service, we assure you that you are not in the wrong place to meet success in the forex market.