Canada’s market shutdown pushed investors to seek out other options 

Canada’s stock market suffered a partial shutdown on Friday, which caused the TMX to temporarily stop operations an hour earlier. The operator stated that trading will resume today after the “internal technical issues” are resolved. The shutdown sent investors to TMX competitors and exchanges in New York that list Canadian companies. 

Most trading volume on Friday was diverted to other markets, like Chi-X, Pure Trading and MATCHNow, as well as to inter-listed stocks in the United States. 

Asian Shares climb up as the final trading day of the month comes to  a close 

Asian stocks rose on the last trading day of the month. Investors now focus on a variety of geopolitical issues all across the globe (the tension in the Middle East, the possibility of President Trump withdrawing from the nuclear agreement with Iran and the reconciliation between North and South Kora) and the earnings season in Wall Street. 

South Korea's benchmark Kospi index went up by 0.62 percent, with gains seen in steelmakers, automakers and oil-related stocks. Australia’s S&P/ASX edged higher by 0.43 percent. Advancement in its financial subindex compensated for declines in the materials and energy sectors. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index close in the green zone 1.56 percent higher. The MSCI’s broad index went higher by 0.93 percent. The Japanese and Chinese markets are closed today.

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