Historic event for Bitcoin as it surpasses the $10,00 mark for the first time

The Cryptocurrency was hovering above the $9,800 level for most of the session, but broke an all-time record and set a milestone later in the session as it close at $10,044.29. The digital currency recorded an exponential rise from 6 cents a few years ago and below $1,000 in the beginning of this year to more than $10,000 at present. Bitcoin’s trading volume in the U.S. stands at 20% of the overall bitcoin trade. Japan dominates the market with a volume of 61%.

U.S. crude prices went down by 12 cents, settling at $57.88; the market is waiting for OPCE’s decision on output cuts

A subtle drop in oil prices occurred last session as a result of the uncertainty over the outcome of the OPEC meeting scheduled for this week. The meeting will revolve around the extension of the current output cuts deal that will expire in March 2018. OPEC countries are heading for a tougher policy talks as Saudi Arabia, their leader, pushes to extend the cut by nine months, while non-member Russia is unsure about the desired duration due to worries that the market might overheat.

Brent Crude Oil went down by 20 cents per barrel towards $63.64 per barrel. U.S. light crude ended the session by 12 cents lower at $57.99 after falling by 1.4 percent in the last session.

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