U.S. stocks were on bearish territory as market session came to a close. Oil surged

U.S. stocks ended the session in the red zone with a lighter volume of trade. Oil prices hit its highest levels in more than two years.

The S&P 500 closed 0.11 percent lower at 2,680.50 with information technology stocks declining by 0.7 percent. The Dow Jones Industrial average ended the session with a marginal 0.3 percent decrease at 24,749.21. The NASDAQ composite suffered from the sharpest decline as it recorded losses of 0.3 percent closing at 6,936.25

Apple Shares plummeted by 2.5 percent as a result of a report from Taiwan’s Economic Daily which cited that company would cuts its sales forecasts for the iPhone X by 40 percent in the quarter.

Bitcoin struggle to hold its place within the $16,000 mark in the crypto marketplace

Bitcoin rallied on Tuesday, recovering from a sharp sell-off last week. The digital currency climbed by more than 12.5 percent above $16,100 early in the session and was trading at $15,965 late in the afternoon.

Bitcoin Futures for January surged by 13.3 percent and were being sold at $15,810, while the trading volume in the CBOE January contract was above 2,300. Etherium went higher by 0.6 percent and was being sold at $770, while bitcoin cash declined by 1 percent towards $2,806.

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