The pound gain strength as Prime Minister, Theresa May, guarantees the support of Northern Ireland’s Democratic Union Party

Theresa May have guaranteed the support of the Northern Ireland’s DUP (Democratic Union Party) and its 10 lawmakers and, thus, removed away uncertainty for Britain as it negotiates its exit from the European Union. As a result, the sterling hit a one-week high against the greenback advancing to $1.2759 in morning London trade. The British currency also gained 0.2% vs. the euro.

United States President Donald Trump seeks ways to boost U.S. energy exports

On Thursday, United States President, Donald Trump, will unfold his plan on reducing regulations that will boost the abundant United States oil production, natural gas and coal, in which the country will export globally. The aim is to create new jobs. Officials declined to give specific details on how the president intends to reform existing regulations to increase export rate.

According to officials, the U.S. President will deliver a speech on his administration’s new phase of energy dominance at the Energy Department. White House energy policy aide, Mike Catanzaro remarked that when it came to American energy, they had gone from the age of scarcity now to the age of abundance; and that they wanted those abundant resources to be exploited at home and overseas. Energy Secretary, Rick Perry, told reporters that the U.S. wants to be able to declare energy dominance; increasing exports will play a major role in fulfilling this goal.
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