Greenback on the rise supported by the possibility of a rate hike 

The greenback has been on the rise on the possibility of a rate hike in the United States. On Wednesday, the dollar index climbed up by a half percent. It also gained about 2 percent the previous week. 

A possible rate rates has taken the spotlight with the benchmark U.S. 10 year treasury yields hitting 3 percent for the first time on Monday and continuing to move up on Tuesday reaching a peak of 3.03 percent. 

Most Asian stock opened with mixed results 

On Thursday, markets in Asia presented mixed results. The bullishness in Wall Street – especially the Dow, which ended trade higher for the first time within six sessions – was not enough to generate rises all across the board 

The Nikkei of Japan climbed by 0.42 percent; the Topix remained flat. In Korea, the KOSPI added 0.45 percent to its value. The Shanghai Stock Exchange went down by 0.01 percent, or 0.26 points, to 311.7.71; the Hong Kong Stock Exchange was mainly flat. 

In Australia, the ASX 200 was also flat most of the session following a public holiday on Wednesday on which the market was closed. The financial sector dropped 0.55 percent with key baking recording most of the losses. Westpac shed 1.51 percent. ANZ fell by 0.55 percent. The Commonwealth Bank shed 0.65 percent. The National Australia Bank went down by 0.41 percent.

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