Bitcoin falters after reaching an all-time high during the weekend

Bitcoin has been trading in the red zone for the last 48 hours. Prices were fluctuating in the $4,050 –  $4,200 range after reaching an all-time high during the last week.

Price for the digital coin all over the world markets stood at $4,109 on average, indicating a drop after it opened the session at $4,206 and climbed as high as $4,208. Now, Investors will have to keep close watch on whether the price of Bitcoin will go up or down.

According to data from the CoinMarketCap , the Bitcoin alternative, bitcoin cash, surprised investors after hitting  an all-time record high closing at $1,091.

In the traditional forex market, the dollar crossed to the green territory in Asian trading today and pulled away from the previous session’s four-month low against the Japanese currency. The greenback added 0.1 percent to its value making the yen close at 109.31 per dollar.

The dollar spot index went higher by 0.1 percent, after falling by 0.3 percent on Friday. The euro climbed by 0.4 percent closing at $1.1756

Gold fell from 9-month highs as the dollar stabilized

Gold failed to maintain its 9-month high from last week. However, the precious metal was able to hold its prices steady early on Monday’s session as the dollar regained its footing.

Spot Gold traded with little change at $1,283.30 per ounce, after surging to $1,300.80 during the previous session.

U.S. Gold futures for the month of December went lower by 0.2 percent and were traded at $1,289.40 per ounce.

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