Bitcoin recovers above $9,000 as G20 meeting loosens on cryptocurrency

Bitcoin prices rallied above $9,000 as finance ministers ease approach on cryptocurrency, adopting a more hands-off control during their G20 meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Tuesday.

For the first time in a week, the leading cryptocurrency gains more than 4.5 percent and closes around $9,000 according to the bitcoin price index of CoinDesk. Bitcoin recovered up to 22.8 percent from its weekend drop of $7,335.

"My understanding is that there was an acceptance of continuing to work also on the stability side with the idea that this doesn't imply barring it," Bank of Italy governor Ignazio Visco said, implying that the risks cryptocurrency poses do not signal for its complete ban.

Argentinian Central Bank governor Federico Sturzenegger disclosed that G20’s discussion agreed on keeping up its regulations with the fast-paced technology of cryptocurrency to evade possibilities of money laundering.

Gold jacks as dollar plunges, investors anticipate a rate hike soon

Prices of gold edged up Wednesday along with the dollar value curb, while investors anticipate that the US Federal Reserve’s two-day conference will result in a rate increase.

Recovering from the previous session’s three-week low at $1,306.91 per ounce, spot gold increased by 0.1 percent at $1,311.72 while the US gold April futures remained at $1,311 per ounce. The largest gold-supported exchange-traded fund revealed its 0.04 percent drop on stock holdings at 850.54 tonnes on Tuesday, coming from an 850.84-ton figure on Monday. The Russian gold reserve however, retained its 60.5 million troy ounces at the onset of March according to the central bank.

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