Euro records weekly gain; Canadian dollar and Mexican peso decline

The euro was on track to record gains on Friday as the political turmoil over at Italy simmered down. Meanwhile, the Canadian dollar and the Mexican peso were affected by the recent tariffs imposed by the U.S.

The euro remained unchanged at $1.1699, away from the 10-monthl low of $1.1510 set on Tuesday. The Canadian dollar was at C$1.2945 following a decline of about 0.65 percent on the last day. The Mexican peso was seen on Thursday at 20.050 per dollar and was last traded at 19.908 a dollar. Against its Japanese rival, the U.S. dollar closed at 108.73 yen.

Prices of gold move up due trade tensions

The prices of gold went up on Friday due to increasing fears over a global trade war as the Untied States placed tariffs on imports of steel and aluminium from Canada, Mexico and the EU.

Spot gold gained 0.1 percent closing at $1,299.51 an ounce; U.S. gold futures set for delivery on June lost 0.1 percent and settled at $1,298.68 an ounce. Holdings of SPDR Gold Trust went down by 0.52 percent to 847.03 tonnes on Thursday. SPDR Gold Trust is the largest gold-backed exchange traded fund in the world.

On the energy market, U.S. crude oil kept stable on Friday following the previous session’s losses. West Texas Intermediate crude went up by 2 cents to $67.06 per barrel. Brent crude gained 17 cents and closed $77.73 per barrel.

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